Modest! Golf Management are incredibly proud to announce today the signing of former world top 10 amateur, Blake Windred to the Modest! Golf team.

Blake is a passionately patriotic Australian having represented his nation throughout his highly successful amateur career and so as a team we would like to use this announcement to highlight the State of Emergency in Australia right now as it faces an unprecedented national crisis.

Owner of Modest Golf Niall Horan commented “Australia is one of my favourite places in the world, I love the people and performing there has always been a real highlight of any tour; it’s for this reason that I’m so excited to welcome Blake Windred to the Modest! Golf family but it’s so important that we recognise the devastation that is occurring at the same time as this announcement.

In Australia right now bush fires are destroying thousands of homes, and subsequently lives at a record speed. Millions of acres have been burned in these fires and it’s estimated that over half a billion animals have been killed with this figure likely to continue to soar.

We’d like to take this time to thank all those providing emergency front line aid: All the rural fire services and the incredibly brave firemen and women involved, so many of whom are volunteers. The Australian Red Cross, The Salvation Army, The RSPCA and The WWF to name just a very few of those involved. Please visit the links to check in on how you can support them. Stay strong Australia”

Blake Windred added “I’m so delighted to join the brilliant Modest! Golf team. Respect for recognising the importance of this announcement is beyond my signing and serves a much greater good for my home country as a spotlight on the situation back home.

I’m looking forward to my journey in professional golf alongside Niall, Mark, Danny & the team and am delighted with the decision I have made”.

Modest! Golf Management very much hopes that the crisis is under control as soon as possible. We will be making a donation in support of the efforts of the organisations mentioned above and in respect of our partnership with Blake.